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Who am I? That’s a difficult question to answer sometimes, especially because it changes all the time.

Let’s see… I’m a Father of 5, a Real Estate Investor for over 13 years, an Entrepreneur for even longer. I’ve been an Independent Filmmaker and Writer for Television, a Firefighter for 18+ years, and I love Cartoon Art (can’t you tell?)

But if I had to narrow it down to ONE thing that you simply must know about me, I think it should be that I just want to help people get free, in every sense of the word. Whether it’s from a bad situation or a bad investment, if I can be a cause of solving that kind of problem in people’s lives, then that makes me happy because I know I made a difference.

As an entrepreneur, I’m involved in many things, and I’ve been blessed enough to be successful at almost all of them. And those things that I sucked at no longer take up space in my life (and shouldn’t in yours either).

Whatever I get involved in, I try to make sure that it fits my two main criteria…

1) Does it make room for my Family (both relatives and extended)?
2) Is it fun?

If it fits both of my rules and still looks like a good opportunity, then I’m in.

Following those two rules is basically how my alter-ego “DaddysFastCash” came into existence. Family (because I’m a Daddy) and “Fast Cash” because fast cash can solve a lot of problems in people’s lives. So there you have it.

Any more questions? Feel free to friend me on Social Media, I’m pretty easy to find.

Talk soon.

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